Sierra is Canada’s largest importer of flowers. On a normal week we import over 30 metric tons of flowers. Each stem of flowers was handled by someone, probably a woman, mostly from South America. There were probably over 500 hundred people involved in the production of these blooms.

Each stem can be produced responsibly or not. The worker can have a fair contract, maternity protection or not. Each stem may have been managed through a natural pesticide program or treated by strong and non-biodegradable chemicals.

We decided that we needed to achieve something greater than just profitability in our company. We wanted to make a difference to the world.

In 1999 we announced that we had a goal to have 100% of our flowers coming from certified farms. By 2012 we had reached about 35%.

Sierra Eco is a reminder to us that what we do each day impacts on the lives of thousands and that in our daily lives we can work towards a more sustainable world.

We cannot bring peace to Africa or the Middle East, we can’t end world hunger but we can change what we do each day. The next time you go to your local flower shop, ask if they carry certified flowers. We know that real change will happen when consumers insist that the only kind of flowers they want to buy are sustainably grown, certified flowers….Sierra Eco flowers.

Together, we can change the world…one flower at a time!