These are flowers produced on farms that have been independently audited to confirm that they meet the social and environmental standards set by the labeling program. This means that third party independent professionals go to the farms on an annual basis and investigate their compliance. Like all good auditors, they have multiple ways of verifying that the farms are meeting high environmental standard and that they are acting as responsible employers.

In the next section you will see that there are many standards set around the world. At Sierra we have selected among the best standards. “VeriFlora”, “Fair Trade”, “Florverde” and Rainforest Alliance” each of whom represents significant steps towards a fully responsible industry.

Each of these standards has a different emphasis on social and environmental issues.

What Are Eco Flowers - Working Conditions

Working Conditions

All are concerned with the conditions for workers and include the following norms;

  • Employment security
  • Fair labour practices regarding work hours, overtime etc.
  • Safe working conditions
  • No child labour
  • Maternity employment security


What Are Eco Flowers - Environment ImpactEnvironmental Impact

Environmental impacts are managed through the following requirements that are shared by all these standards;

  • Restricted use of pesticides
  • Water protection
  • Composting and waste management
  • Protection for surrounding ecosystems



Social ResponsibilityWhat Are Eco Flowers - Social Responsibility

All these farms are also involved in social responsibility issues that involve;

  • Operating food co-operatives
  • Day care support
  • Medical and sometimes social supports

Certified flowers are our industries efforts to build a sustainable world.