Welcome to Sierra Eco’s Stories from the Field Getting Started Guide

Here are few tips to get you started:

If you’re looking to participate by telling your own story, it’s good to know that the stories we’re looking for are about how eco-flowers impact the environment, ways used to conserve the environment, the positive impacts on people who work with flowers (social impacts), the ways that individuals can or have made a difference in their own way, and how retailers in North America are now joining the movement towards choosing eco-friendly flowers.

Your story can be about someone you find inspiring, or something that they did; something you were surprised to find out about. It can be something you’re proud of; a story of a special moment or somethingyou feel would be inspiring to this community. Most importantly, it can be about how you feel eco-friendly flowers make an impact on your life, your community and your planet.

Are you ready to tell your story? It’s as easy as 1-2-3-4!

  1. Set up your material
  2. Write your texts
  3. Upload your photos or videos
  4. Save or submit your post!

1) Set up your material. You’ll want to start with a nice picture (or video) and a short story to explain this photo (or video). Your story must be short, something that can be said in 5 or 6 sentences or about 200 words. Your story should be about something that involves you directly, or that you have witnessed personally. The picture (or video) should be stored in your computer and less than 4MB. Now that you have your story and photo (or video) you’re ready to start!

2) When signed in and upon accessing the “Tell your story” menu options, found throughout the site, you’ll find the above text boxes where you can enter your story title and write your story, (or copy-paste something already written). Your story should be told in the first person. Best tip for that? Use the words “I” a lot, and try to speak to the community on a personal level, like as if you were talking face-to face.

3) Click the 2 media icons (highlighted in the screenshot above) to add 2 types of media; the first is to upload a photo, and the second is to upload a video. Clicking one of these icons will bring to the “Media Library” where you can upload a file. There are 2 things to do once clicking to add a file; both are outlined below.


4) Now your post is pretty much done! If you like, you can click the preview button to see what you’re post looks like – and if you’re satisfied, click on “Submit Post for Review”.

If you are not sure about something or need help before publishing your story, you can also click “save draft”. This means you can come back to your draft any time and re-edit before submitting it, it also gives you time to contact Sierra Eco staff for any questions regarding your story. When you’re ready, simply click “all posts” to view it again, once you’ve signed back in.

Once you do submit a post for review, a Sierra Eco moderator will review your story for content and functionality before posting to the live community boards. There may be some minor changes to your post when it is published, to find out more, please re-read the member terms by clicking here.

Congratulations! You’ve just posted to Sierra Eco!