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The impacts of eco-friendly flowers are little known in North America, but these retailers know how important asking for eco-friendly flowers can be. Read why they care; and why you should too!

New flower Certification brightens up sustainability in California!

A new certification brand based out of California, launched this winter and promises to present a high Californian standard for sustainable flower farming. Brought to life by the exemplary team at Sureharvest (best known for their heavy hand in Wine and Almond sustainability initiatives); the affiliations don’t end there, they have also partnered with Protected … Continue Reading

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Why follow the frog?

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Sierra Eco Pincushion Flower Giveaway at Montreal Trade Show

Sierra Eco Flowers participated in a Trade show on Sustainability this spring We asked the farms to help us give away flowers to help promote the cause. Resendiz Brothers in California gave Pincushions, Colibri in Colombia gave Carns, Latitude 0 in Ecuador gave Hypericum and Suasuque in Colombia gave Alstromeria. Our message to the public, … Continue Reading

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Composting at Westmount Florist….

This is an inspiring article posted by an employee at Westmount Florist in Montreal….check out their great website   Since the end of August 2010, I’ve been asked to take on the task of finding more ways to make our store more environmentally friendly. I was encouraged to notice some actions that were already done; all … Continue Reading

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Eco Guide to Buying Flowers from Green Living..

Eco Guide to Flowers Where to find earth-friendly bouquets and florists? Does wanting to give flowers mean putting the brakes on ecological consciousness for the day? Not necessarily so. With a little scouting to find eco-friendly blooms and some creative thinking, you can make this day of red more green. Eco-friendly flowers Three key factors … Continue Reading

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