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Dental care at La Victoria Roses…

People with low income inEcuador, often have extreme difficulty getting dental treatment. Missing teeth make it difficult for people to chew their food, to eat and get proper nutrition. Missing teeth in the front especially makes it hard for people to get jobs, makes it more likely that they will be mistreated and marginalized in … Continue Reading

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Summer school at La Victoria

Summer learning programs are an important strategy for children and youth who reside in economically disadvantaged households  and often come from ethnic minority backgrounds  in Ecuador highlands where AGROCOEX  ( La Victoria Roses)  is located.  We have been conducting promising models for meeting the needs of children & youth of our surrounding community. Our Summer Learning programs … Continue Reading

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“Good” spiders that really help to control “Bad” spiders

Red spidermite (tetranychus urticae) through the years became resistant to the majority of chemicals used in the production of roses. As desperate farmers, we were lucky to find the “good” mites (phytoseiulus) that help bio-control red spider mites. We (Agrogana Farms, Ecuador) learned about this way of controling pathogens and now we don’t apply any chemicals … Continue Reading

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