A new certification brand based out of California, Bloomcheck.org launched this winter and promises to present a high Californian standard for sustainable flower farming.

Brought to life by the exemplary team at Sureharvest (best known for their heavy hand in Wine and Almond sustainability initiatives); the affiliations don’t end there, they have also partnered with Protected Harvest, masters of environmental sustainability, and the California Cut Flower Commission, powerful stewards of flower quality. So Bloomcheck.org aims to bring all this expertise, sustainability & quality under one California label, which, to be honest feels very promising for the entire North American floral industry. The reason? Well because to be fair, everyone loves California Flowers! They’re very distinct and unique, and the quality and variety selection is always in a league of its own. BloomCheck_Cert_Logo_small2Right now the Waxflower season is ramping up and to know that all that beautiful Waxflower has been produced with so much care & excellence somehow makes it even more beautiful!

Sierra Eco is a proud partner with Bloomcheck certified Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers; located in Fallbrook, California. This means all Resendiz Products (waxflower, filler flowers, pincushions, proteas, novelty foliages and so many more…) are all Sierra Eco certified!

So if you’re looking for sustainably produced flowers – you ask for any Resendiz product and feel assured you’re getting quality + a clean conscience to boot.

As a side note – be sure to look out for our completely new website due out soon!