As of April 2014 Flores Del Este (which if you didn’t already know is a reputed grower of high quality Hydrangeas) is now Rainforest Alliance Certified! This means really good news for their farm workers, the environment and you. As one of the best reputed growers of Hydrangea worldwide, Del Este has already distinguished itself in the marketplace with its wide variety of Hydrangeas, excellent quality, impeccable packaging and fantastic service, and so we really aren’t surprised that this drive for excellence has brought them to become Rainforest Alliance certified. To find out why being certified is important to Flores Del Este, click here. To find out more about Hydrangeas, click here. To see beautiful Hydrangeas in designs, click here. To find out more about the farm Flores Del Este, click here to visit their awesome website.

To find out more about Rainforest Alliance certified flowers, visit their webpage here.