There’s no doubt I love flowers. I have many favorites, but these Pincushion Bouquets really take the cake – they’re colourful, well designed, long lasting and no-fuss-no-muss. I doubt anyone has been indifferent when seeing these for the first time; they’re just magnificent and pictures hardly do them justice.

But in my opinion, the very best thing about these bouquets is where they are assembled.

Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers, which is located in Rainbow, California (yes! it’s a real place!), has always seemed like such a magical place to me. Home of the famous “Resendiz Waxflower”, the dry sunny hills are often covered in colorful crops of all kinds; so the valley can look quilted with colorful patches of red leuca safari sunset, yellow and orange pincushions, pink proteas, purple waxflowers, green leucas…. Must be a delight to see.

Also because Resendiz is a Veriflora certified farm, you can rest assured that the workers are treated fairly. Their natural fields are safely roamed by animals like ducks and roosters (“Arlon” the Resendiz rooster is pictured below) and goats and bees… and the flowers are handled according to rigorous standards that optimize quality… all part of what Veriflora certified flowers are supposed to be.

That is what makes these favorites; they aren’t just pincushions, they’re the BEST pincushions; grown in an optimal environment by really dedicated, professional people. To me it makes them even a bit more special to know that.

~ Louise (Sierra Flower Trading) 

(All pictures taken by Mel at the Resendiz Farm)