Did you know that California Waxflower from Resendiz Brothers is a Sierra Eco product? In fact, this special Waxflower is among the few products in North America to be 100% completely Veriflora certified, which is the world”s highest standard for ethical flower production. This means that the gorgeous Wax you get from Sierra Eco is grown in a natural and wholesome environment, by people who are treated very fairly and in a manner that is sustainable in the long term, both environmentally and socially.

Now – this Waxflower is also Veriflora Handled, which means the highest criteria for quality and care are also maintained throughout the shipping and handling of the product. Temperatures are maintained with Thermocrons (Cold Chain Management), quality checks are rigorously performed, carbon impact is reduced, and products are meticulously tracked throughout the whole logistics process so that any slot machine hiccups or delays in transit can be dealt with at the farm level promptly and effectively.  

The goal of all Veriflora processes is a higher quality flower, because in the end, anything brought forward by people who care deeply about they do is always done better than by those who cut corners. 

Click below to check out this album of gorgeous Sierra Eco Waxflower, the season typically lasts from January to June.