“I have always had a passion for farming! I’ve harvested cotton, cut sugarcane, planted tomatoes and now, I’m a flower farmer and I absolutely love it! My flower farm is located in Rainbow, California and has the perfect Mediterranean climate for growing proteaceae, filler flowers and foliage. 
My plants are constant reminders that earthly life is powerful and beautiful, yet extremely fragile. The earth itself produced these amazing blooms, using simple materials such as crumbed granite, abundant sun, and fresh water.  As a flower farmer, I have come to realize how important it is to take good care of my land by preventing erosion and mulching to enrich and protect the soil from dehydration or loss of water. 
Water is precious, without it there would be no flowers to enjoy, and that is why I use a drip system to irrigate my plant.  This type of system conserves water by dripping just enough water around each plant to feed only its roots.  In addition, Resendiz Brothers has become Veriflora certified and I am always looking for new ways to conserve and protect my land, so my family can keep growing high quality flowers and foliage for years to come!
–Mel Resendiz (Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers, Fallbrook, California), on why he does the things he does for conservation