The reality is that in North America we are way behind the times when it comes to the issue of sustainable floriculture, and in Europe they already have all kinds of different sustainable production programs they are buying from, and have been for years (Max Havlaar, FLP, and Fair Trade being the best examples).  These programs require independent audits on ALL the farms systems and processes…….which means those same products that are coming to North America are being treated the same way, we just haven’t been taking advantage of the opportunity to market it.  And it’s all worked into the farms standard pricing so we’ve been getting it all along without knowing it. 

I met with one wholesaler who adamantly refused to get on the “eco bandwagon”.  He thought it was a scam, believed prices would go up, didn’t think consumers cared, etc….  At the end of the conversation (and my convincing job failing horribly) I finally had to tell him that his standing order roses were all with a certified farms….he just didn’t know it and wasn’t talking about it with his clients. He was unknowingly already an eco-distributor!

–Brian “Chuck” Dennison (Sierra Flower Trading Distributor, Montreal, Canada) on the sometimes irony of marketing flowers as eco-friendly