My earliest memories of my Grandmother’s flower shop originally located at Avenue Rd. and Dupont Ave. in Toronto involve the smell of geraniums – a scent of which I was not particularly fond at the time. My late father, Ross Hatcher, who took over my Grandmother’s business was certainly an “eco pioneer” in the floral business.

In the mid-1950s, he began composting floral waste into his garden from the store by shredding floral stems for use in the soil with a mechanical shredder. Now, as a third-generation florist, I have made it my brother Doug’s and my own mission to maintain a standard of ecological sustainability through the use of Sierra Eco flowers. With the damaging effects of global warming and urban sprawl becoming increasingly strong as agriculturally viable land grows increasingly scarce, it is important and necessary to source floral products which are ecologically and ethically sustainable. Keeping in mind family and the future, my daughters’ dutiful environmentalism has inspired me to commit myself and Hatcher Florist to making the world better with Eco flowers.

The fact that Sierra Eco flowers cost the same as their non-Eco counterparts makes selling Eco flowers a simple and logical choice. While as a boy I did not like the scent of a certain flower, I have now woken up and “smelled the roses” as I make smart Eco choices about our floral products. Selling flowers is my business and by selling Sierra Eco I can help the environment one flower at a time. At Hatcher Florist we sell better flowers which are better for you… and the environment too!

–Bob Hatcher (Left in photo, Hatcher Florist, Toronto, Canada) on how the values surrounding eco-flowers are an important part of his family life