Red spidermite (tetranychus urticae) through the years became resistant to the majority of chemicals used in the production of roses. As desperate farmers, we were lucky to find the “good” mites (phytoseiulus) that help bio-control red spider mites. We (Agrogana Farms, Ecuador) learned about this way of controling pathogens and now we don’t apply any chemicals against spiders. This is good for our people and super healthy for the environment.

What we do now is grow these “bad” spidermites in a host-plant and then give them to the “good” mites so they have enough food to reproduce and grow, because they are natural predators. Once they are done with their food and well “trained” to eat the bad mites, we take them to the greenhouses and start growing them with our roses.

And that’s how we control this spidermite that feeds on the leaves of our roses.



–Jose Rafael Gomez (Agrogana Farms, Ecuador) on how they have successfully reduced the use of pesticides